Monday, June 4, 2018

Nintex workflow issue: 'NintexWorkflowID' does not exist .

1.     Issue Overview

                When creating a Nintex workflow, the following error might occur:
                soap:SoapServer was unable to process request. urlOfFile parameter name 'NintexWorkflowID' does not exist

2.    Resolution

Below steps will resolve the issue:
·         Navigate to the hidden Nintex Workflows library. ◦Append "/Nintexworkflows" after the Site URL e.g. "https://www.mysite/sites/test/Nintexworkflows"
·         Search for empty folders. Every saved or published workflow should have 3 files - Workflow, .xoml , .xoml.config.
·         Delete any empty folders.
·         De-activate and re-activate Nintex Workflow features at the site level.
·         Re-publish the workflow.

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