Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to fuse the events of multiple calendar in a single calendar in SharePoint 2010

This can be achieved using the Calendar Overlay option .

·         Let us consider we have three calendars – Calendar 1, Calendar 2, Calendar 3 and we want to fuse events of all the three onto Calendar 1 and also with unique color for events from each calendar .

·         We go to Calendar 1. And select the ‘Calendars Overlays’ feature from the top ribbon as follows:-

·         We click on ‘New Calendar’ option in Calendar Overlay Settings page.

·         We fill in the required details as follows:-

Calendar Name, Type should be ‘Sharepoint’, Color can be chosen from the dropdown, Web URL refers to the site in which the calendar is. Once done, click on Resolve. This  will populate  all the calendars and their corresponding views for the last two options. After resolving, select the appropriate calendar and its view to be shown [from the respective dropdowns] – check in the ‘Always show’ option then finally click on Ok.

Finally, if we come to Calendar 1, we would be able to see the events from three calendars collated into a single one.

Previous View [separate events in three calendars ]

Current View after collation

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