Friday, January 31, 2014

Site is throwing error after Visual upgrade; Feature ' for list template '' is not installed in this farm

When opening any content of the site, an error is thrown saying “Feature <GUID>' for list template '<ID>' is not installed in this farm”. If we try to open settings, all site content page etc., either we get the same error or get blank screen. Below is sample screenshot of the error. Feature ID and Template ID may differ.
This feature mentioned in the error description is possibly related to "Project Server Workflow" which is not installed in 2010 Farm.
1.       Run Visual Degrade command on the site.
$web = get-spweb <Site URL>
$web.UIVersion  = 3
$web.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled = 1
2.       Find the list which is causing the issue.
a.       To find culprit list, we need to open settings page of each list. If settings page of a list s opening fine, it means that the list is having no issue. If the settings page is throwing the same error which we get while opening the site in question, the list is one of the culprits. Note down the list name. it may take more time if there are so many lists in the site. To save time and easily identify the lists, append “/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx” after the site url. If you find the logo of list which is not looking as a kind of sharepoint 2010 logo, note down those lists’ names.
b.      To find/verify the culprit list, append “/_layouts/mcontent.aspx” after the site url. This page will display all lists/libraries in the site. Clicking on any of the list/library will take us directly to the settings page of that particular list/library.
3.       Now get approval from site admins to delete those lists(most of the cases, the identified lists would not have any data). Once approval is granted, Run below PowerShell command since we cannot delete those lists using UI.
$web = Get-SPWeb <Site URL>
$list = $web.Lists["<List Name>"]
4.       Repeat step 3 for the corrupted lists.
5.       Run Visual Upgrade command for the site or ask the site admins to VU the site again.
$web = get-spweb <Site URL>
$web.UIVersion  = 4
$web.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled = 0

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