Friday, January 31, 2014

Navigation' and 'Manage Content and Structure' options throwing error

Content and Structure in Sharepoint 2010 helps to copy ,move and delete the files within the site collection . The Site Content and Structure page is available in Site collections where Publishing is turned on. 
Steps to access content and structure :

When clicking on Manage Content and Structure under Site Administration , we get a 'File not Found' error:

This is usually caused due to a corrupt list or a dysfunctional subsite on the site. It can be resolved by deleting the corrupt list or subsite. (Take the required approvals if necessary)


To find the corrupt list:

The below command will give the list of all lists on the site and their GUID
$url = http://xxx/sites/<sitename>
$web = Get-SPWeb $url
$web.Lists | SELECT Title,ID

Using the GUID of the list , append it to the link  http://sharepoint/_layouts/listedit.aspx?List=
If it throws an error, the list is corrupted. Delete the corrupted list using force.

(Stsadm –help forcedeletelist)

To find the dysfunctional sub site:

Click on sites on the viewlsts page to find the dysfunctional subsites. Delete these subsites using force

(stsadm -o deleteweb -force -webid <webid of the subsite>)

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