Friday, January 31, 2014

Can SharePoint 2010 import MS Project.What may prevent it?

Issue : Can Sharepoint 2010 import MS Project.What may prevent it?

Resolution :
Yes this is possible with MS Project 2010 .MS Project 2007 do not sync with Sharepoint 2010 .

The table below contains conditions that might prevent Project tasks from syncing with a SharePoint tasks list.

Task sync limitations
Syncing more than 1,000 tasks is not recommended. If you want to sync more than 1,000 tasks, consider breaking down your project into multiple projects, and then sync the projects separately.
SharePoint required fields
If a project plan doesn’t contain a field that is required in SharePoint, the plan won’t sync. Add the required field as a custom field in Project.
Project field contains a formula
SharePoint fields don’t support formulas. Try removing the formula from the field in Project and then resyncing.
Summary task name
SharePoint assumes summary tasks will become folders on the site, so it doesn’t allow characters that are not allowed in folders: . / : * ? < > | .
Make sure that none of your summary tasks in Project contain any of these characters.

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